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  • Tamang children

    These boys are all Tamang children living in a remote region four hours hike from the nearest road up the steep hillsides of the Langtang area. Life is tough here, Mostly no electricity, oil lamps for light and cooking done on wood. 

  • Hillside children

    A lovely and diverse collection of children from the same Nuwakot village which is located high up in the foothills of the Langtang mountain range. These children have so little yet so happy and excited by visitors to the village. Just an exercise book and a pencil makes their day as they often attend school with nothing.

  • Hillside village children

    These girls all live together with there Grandmother in the house shown with very little help from anyone. They are all seperated from their parents for various reasons and are cared for by the grandmother who is now becoming elderly.

  • Mountain village children

    These cheeky boys were very happy to see visitors in their village. They are intelligent and respectful yet have very little oppurtuniy to break the cycle of poverty..

  • Chitwan children

    These two playmates are both sponsored children from Sunshine social welfare and are from poor backgrounds. The boy, Govinda has been seperated from his parents due to financial and geographical issues but is living with family who care for him.

Why Choose SSWGN

Why choose Sunshine Social Welfare?

Sunshine Social Welfare is a recently formed NGO focusing on bettering the lives of Nepali people and families who are in poverty or disadvantaged through illness or circumstances. We help those who are in desperate situations, poverty, and through education the children and families that get little to no schooling or healthcare.

Through International volunteering, project work, healthcare camps and child sponsorship Sunshine Social Welfare can help change the lives of many people most at need here in Nepal.

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